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The status of the temper glass market development
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Temper glass film industry homogeneity phenomenon is serious, copying follow suit is numerous, once have new products come out, there will be a rush of a copycat.When imitation, reproduction become the norm, the vitality of toughened glass film industry is no longer, thus the temper glass membrane of markets into a vicious cycle of infinite.Toughened glass film industry as part of decoration in building industry, plays an extremely important influence in domestic life.In 80, 90 in power of modern society, the pursuit of personalized more and more accepted by the world, reveal personality pursuit of self-awareness of emerging consumer groups will be integrated into the daily life, demand for temper glass membrane product is novel.

Temper glass membrane of manufacturer only innovation is the fundamental principle, actively meet the demand of consumers, the consumer demand into toughened glass membrane in the design of the product production, always stand in the position of customers perceive the product properties.Innovation is not only reflected in the appearance of the toughened glass film products design, also reflected in product sales channels.

Young group different from that of the older generation of preference of the Internet, the network shopping from fashion to normal.The popularity of electricity to consumers shopping provides a new channel, and the young market rapidly occupation.Temper glass membrane of factory can be based on this, try to electric business mode, drive sales and increase brand influence, or offline store for drainage.Electricity for membrane of temper glass factory is a new attempt, both opportunities and challenges, but there is no denying that electricity is a good choice.

Temper glass membrane of the market is now more "similar", from the design of the toughened glass membrane products production and sales model, all filled with the taste of plagiarism.Toughened glass membrane group from the same manufacturer, only has the innovation, the innovation, the implementation of to the product production and sales of each link, to bring new opportunities for the enterprise.


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