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The lithium battery industry market prospect analysis in 2015
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In recent years, as the country put forward the policy of energy conservation, advocating the use of new energy, and puts forward a series of new energy vehicles subsidies.The current domestic new energy automobile production rose sharply.According to the auto industry market research and analysis report, according to data from January 2015 - April, 34400, new energy vehicles the cumulative production grew nearly three times.The new energy vehicles to the lithium battery demand driven by such factors as day lithium battery market performance also achieve substantial growth, a record high.

Day to lithium battery factory, for many years, the day group, research and development production of lithium battery charging rate, discharge rate, acceleration, the charging time, the safety performance in areas such as performance far supermarket of similar products, especially in the low temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius lower energy more than 80%, far more than the national standard.As day lithium electricity technology breakthrough, for six consecutive years sales rose steadily, and leads in the list of lithium electricity exports in zhejiang province.Company is lithium battery diaphragm electrolyte and key technology, plan the future lithium battery materials all realize the independent research and development production, three years will be graphene manganese lithium battery to the market.

Analysts pointed out that in the next few years, lithium battery production enterprises will get sustained high growth stage performance.The size of the market has reached 71.5 billion yuan in 2014.The industry is expected, with the lithium battery industry chain for blowout, lithium-ion battery industry will explode in 2017 by 400%.The last two years, according to ipsos industry report estimates of China's new energy car sales will double implementation, future LiuNian year compound growth as high as 55%.The report also showed that day in 2014 in the field of electric bicycle lithium battery has occupied 25% market share, ranked the first in China.

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