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Mobile phone ultra-thin tempered glass membrane, let your iPhone6 fly
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As iPhone6 wind hits, apple also opens the arrival of the era of big screen.Must have cell phone toughened glass membrane manufacturers have tempted, production rhythm, mood.according to hunt down the wind, while the customs on the market for iPhone6 customized mobile phone toughened glass membrane also appeared earlier.A iPhone6, are fortunate to in the case of a serious shortage, thanks to a, you immersed in excitement, one not careful, pa directly with a fall in ceramic tile ground, if not afraid at that time, it is false, because when new iphone 5 gold because there is no local tyrants toughened membrane was cast a shattered the phone's screen, who will love dearly unceasingly.The fresh iPhone6, affix the ultra-thin mobile phone of toughened glass film, to be able to keep the whole body.

Said to iPhone6 toughened glass membrane, compared to the most common glass film thickness 0.3 mm, 0.15 mm thickness of ultra-thin experience, 9 h high hardness, 2.5 D arc edge technology, the characteristics of hydrophobic hydrophobic oil, enough to keep the cell phone safety through every day, let your bare iPhone6 fly.Even a cell phone from a certain height, with a film of toughened glass, also can play a buffer role to a certain extent, prevent the crushing of the phone's screen.Special steel processing, to prevent the glass scattered, effectively reduce impact, protect the screen from being damaged.Frivolous texture doesn't bring mobile phone, making mobile phone like naked.For mobile phone like iPhone to using the latest hot bending glass molding technology, makes the glass membrane shape new definition, let glass membrane is no longer a square edge.Arc edge better dispersion collision force, longer service life, applicable to feel more comfortable lubrication.

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