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What is the 2.5 D arc edge temper glass?
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In many phones will sticker now, at this time there will be a lot of the emergence of the mobile phone sticker.But the mobile phone of toughened glass membrane is very popular in mobile phone protective film on the market, I believe you for toughened glass sticker to each big advantage is familiar with, 9H super scratch-resistant, 0.2 mm thickness, hydrophobic hydrophobic oil fingerprint, 2.5 D arc edge design, etc.Online price is different also, average arc edge than straight edge of a few more expensive.What is 2.5 D arc edge design?With the design of the straight edge and what's the difference?Why is more expensive than straight?Let's get together to have a simple understanding.

It is not difficult to understand from the literal.We want to clear, straight edges tempered glass lamination and toughened glass sticker on the overall performance is exactly the same, the difference is only focused on the edge of the membrane.Straight toughened glass on the edge of the sticker is the right of nature, the edge of the and ordinary sticker is the same, just ordinary sticker is usually thin many, don't feel.Toughened glass film edge arc edge is using sweep light chamfering machine, and then polished, makes the edges have a certain radian, feel is more smooth, visual effect is better.

The difference between them

1, The damage probability: straight toughened glass film edge horn is vulnerable to the impact, easy to damage;Cushion the impact a certain arc edge, the damage resistance is strong.

2, Visual senses: arc edge of toughened glass sticker on the edge of the light is more bright, and perfectly fit the fuselage, visual effect is better.

3, Edge touch: straight feel big and toughened glass film thickness a little prick the hand ", production is relatively simple;Arc edge feel smooth nature, technology is relatively complex, high cost.


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