What's the difference between a mobile phone batteries plastic injection and framework
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1.Injection molding process is mainly including filling, pressure, cooling, mold release four stages.The four phase is a complete process continuously.The four stages directly decides the forming quality of products, and the four stage is a complete process continuously.

2.Filling is the first step in the process of the injection molding cycle, time starts from mold closing injection, into the mold cavity filling to about 95%.Theoretically, filling, the shorter the time, forming efficiency is higher, but in practice, the molding time or injection speed should be restricted by many conditions.

3.The role of the holding stage is a continuous pressure, compaction melt, increase the density of the plastic (secret), to compensate for the shrinkage of the plastic behavior.

4.In the injection molding mould, the design of the cooling system is very important.This is because the only cooling solidification molding plastic products to a certain rigidity, stripping to avoid plastic deformation caused by external forces.Due to the cooling time of the molding cycle is about 70% ~ 70%, thus well designed cooling system can greatly shorten the molding time, improve the injection molding productivity, reduce the cost.

5.Injection molding and framework is making two different technologies of mobile phone batteries, injection of mobile phone battery internal batteries is full of battery, the handset battery internal framework is partly batteries, but it doesn't affect the use of the battery and charging function, so the quality of the mobile phone batteries plastic injection is better than framework.


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