The correct way of using the power bank
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1.Power bank for the first time use

Mobile power supply is a bit like the battery.Usually have some charge, please use first.In use after full line again.Don't need to do a continuous light, then full of three, to activate the mobile power supply.The reason was that the mobile power batteries at the time of the factory, after a series of process, is actually has to do this!

2.The maintenance of the mobile power supply

Maintenance of mobile power supply is divided into two cases, one kind is to continue to use, after the general practice is full of recharge my mobile phone for life, until light, light generally in the 95% is about the same, because the mobile power supply is made discharge protection, so completely can look at data of mobile power supply, until cannot be recharged.When the access to 220 v or USB to charge again.Warm prompt: a recharging after use.For lithium battery charge and discharge is a cycle, each into a high voltage, means less of the lithium battery life at a time.At present our lithium batteries, the standard charge and discharge of 400-500 times a year.We can according to the numerical calculations.As far as inflation in 1000-3000 times, that is not to be trusted.Because lithium battery charge and discharge in the data, performance USES up early.

3.The other one is to save.Advice on a full charge to about 80%, can be placed, dark dry place for storage, cut into the place where moisture is wetter, that the opportunity for increased capacity for mobile power supply self-discharge, loss of performance.


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