What are the advantages of tempered glass film
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Mobile phone toughened glass protective film is a high-grade, fashionable shield machine products.Deeply love machine gens with love.

1, high transmission, using imported materials toughened glass with high precision machining, thickness is generally not more than 0.4 mm, the light transmittance of toughened glass membrane can reach more than 98%, the most true appearance in front.

2, scratch-resistant flowers, glass itself high hardness, and the hardness of tempered glass membrane is more hard than glass.

3, 9 h hard pressure, toughened glass membrane can afford to pay a lot of stress because of the high hardness.

4, blue light, the eyes for a long time to the phone's screen is harmful to the retina, put a blue light can effectively protect our eyes. 

5, prevent oil, prevent fingerprints, toughened film easy to clean, wipe gently only can make the screen look brand-new.

6, protect the screen, more hard than ordinary tempered membrane, have the effect of the protective screen, more bright than hd, more smooth than grind arenaceous, explosion-proof toughened film screen broken screen can be greatly reduced.

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